name: Rita
birthday: 6 de julho
live:  wonderland
big dream: to be happy.
occupation: sleeping, school, nothing
what's next: i dunno 
personal style:  awkward style i guess
shoes: vans,converse,boots,sneekers ?
jewellery: i only wear ankle bracelets.
hair: long brown hair, ramdom.
obsessed with: tumblr, warm sweaters, nutella and bed.
favourite city: lisbon i guess .
favourite music: i have tones of favourite music .
favourite food:  unhealthy food . humm burguers *drawls*
favourite drink: coke , ice tea and vodka with coke.
favourite book: i like reading but i dont have any favourite one.
first thing in the morning: opening my eyes and fall asleep again.
last thing before bed: getting inside the bed.

                                                                   (under construction)